Creativity Blog Series - Third Entry

Dear Diary,

This morning I came across an article in Fast Company magazine called The Rise of Sadvertising: Why Brands are Determined to Make you Cry. In it, Joe Staples, the executive creative director at Wieden+Kennedy commented on his agency’s work on P&G’s campaign with the Olympics.

“Shaving cream does not help you run fast” 

Staples goes on to admit that P&G is in no way directly related to the Olympics, but it does help the people who help Olympians. “From there you get to tell honest, emotional stories about the relationship between a child and their parent, and if you do it well it will resonate with millions of people because it is true. It will be very emotional, but for the right reasons.” This resonated with me and I completely agree. In today’s tough business world, creativity is imperative. The trick is to keep that creativity in check and always ensure that the desired message is being conveyed, and to the desired market. Its important to maintain a balance between creativity and logic, especially with respect to knowing who your target market is.

Pondering this for now... Will write more tomorrow. 

- Lauren