Creativity Blog Series - Fourth Entry

Dear Diary,

My search for interesting and creative marketing content has led me to a commercial for Axe body spray that is, in my humble opinion, cringe-worthy. I’ll spare you from another photo of what that reaction looks like… Just imagine a variation on the “ugly cry” previously posted. I felt that their use of emotional marketing in this context was poorly done. Then I realized that it’s likely because I already have a negative brand association when Axe body spray comes to mind as I recall commercials of crazed women mindlessly flocking to men sporting the product. So now that Axe has tried to change their tune to more philosophical and emotional messaging, I find its effect is far from genuine. The connection is a little far fetched… unless the company were donating a portion of their proceeds to charities that support families affected by war. That being said, I recognize that I am not the intended target market. Still, I wonder how effective this approach really is.

- Lauren